Wednesday, 28 March 2018

How to Get VAT Registration Number (TRN) in UAE

The VAT  launched in UAE, After that, some rules have changed in UAE, A person whose turnover more than AED 375,000 should mandatorily for VAT Registration and a person whose gross sales exceeds AED 187,500, is permitted to apply for Voluntary registration.

The person who fills the VAT Registration,  The authority provide a unique number that called the Tax Registration Number and another name is TRN.

The tax registration number is unique VAT number that provides the authority will be able to identify you.

The taxable person who allows a VAT registration number that called the 'Registrant'.The VAT registration in UAE has been 15 digits.The taxable person who has got the VAT registration number, those are derived the UAE VAT Law and the Executive regulations and these documents like VAT returns, Tax Invoice, Tax Credit note and in all other documents.

The better understanding more about the VAT registration number and the knowledge the usage of VAT number, few short FAQson the VAT Registration Number.

How will get a user VAT Registration Number?

When the taxable person fills the VAT Registration and successfully verification, After that, the VAT registration number will be issued.

Who has issued the VAT Registration Number?

VAT Registration number issued by The Federal TAX Authority of UAE after that when your registration application is successfully verified.

How many digits in VAT Registration Number?

It is expected to have 15 digits.

Is it compulsory for the registrant to mention the VAT Number in VAT returns?

Yes, when VAT Return filled it is mandatory for a registrant to mention his VAT

number. Only from the VAT number, the FTA will easy to able identify the taxable person

What type of documents is that registrant required to mention the VAT Number?

It is mandatory to mention the VAT number following document:

  • VAT Return
  • TAX Invoice
  • Tax Credit Note

Some other document is prescribed by the UAE VAT Regulation

When a taxable person want to join a tax group, so that will be issued to him VAT Number?

Definitely Yes, when a taxable person is already registered with FTA, then he will be right of the VAT registration number, that's the reason he can join the tax group. If not, he must submit the VAT registration form and upon submitting, a Tax Identification Number (TIN) will be issued.

Using TIN, he can join the tax group. Remember the important point, the TIN is not a valid TRN, this number issued by the FTA for tax identification purposes only.

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