Wednesday, 21 February 2018

4-Step FTA Outlines New Procedure for Submitting Tax Returns

4-Step FTA Outlines New Procedure for Submitting Tax Returns

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has provided the e-services portal on the FTA website. FTA has to gave outlined a simple four-step online procedure via a web portal to allow businesses to easily submit their tax returns.

UAE FTA Outlines Simple 4-Step Procedure for Submitting Tax Returns Online

The FTA has covered social, digital and other media channels launched comprehensive awareness campaign titled 'Filing Returns in 4 Steps'.The campaign main goal is registered for businesses in value-added tax (VAT)while introducing them to the online system that the FTA had launched.

The starting of February 2018, the online portal has been open to receiving tax returns for the first tax period ending on January 31, 2018, for some businesses which are required to submit their vat returns 28, February  2018.

Khalid Al Bustani, FTA director general,  provided the facility to the tax returns that can be submitted 24/7 through the e-services online portal on the FTA website. it is an easy process to fill the tax returns to help registrants submit because which was designed based on international best practices and the distribution of awareness on raise tax among the public and the success of the UAE tax online portal system is a shared responsibility.

Al Bustani effectively said the FTA works Concurrently with all relevant authorities to provide taxable businesses with the best services.The FTA explains in own campaign, that businesses registered on a monthly or quarterly basis, as specified by the authority to required submit their returns in the VAT system.

 The FTA website provides Information about tax periods, where suitability is all registered businesses can check their allocated tax periods and while their first tax period already finishes on January 31, 2018.

The FTA providing a number of methods to process the payment of any tax via the e-dirham platform for the 28th day the end of the tax period.

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